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Weasel video

Here’s another type of weasel. I’m pretty sure this one is a long-tailed weasel because it’s tracks were about the right size. It’s hard to tell an ermine from a long-tail from the video. The quality was compromised because of the snow.I tried to enhance it a bit.

I was trying to catch a mink. I baited with sardines and fish and set the box on an ice bar right along the river. But instead I caught this guy.  Notice the white fur with the black tip.  Both ermines and long tail weasels change their coat color to white in winter.  Watch the other video and you will see that Martens keep their coat color.   This box is about similar size to the Marten box because minks are about Marten size.  That will give you a size difference.

I’ll keep trying for that Mink!